Since I’ve installed my haltech E6K, Ive been having some trouble setting. The diagram below shows how to wire in the MSD 8509′s to your Reluctor signal form the Crank wheel to the Haltech E6K. ECU Guides & Wiring; ECU Basemaps; CAN Devices Guides & Wiring; Accessory Guides & Wiring. Click here: 1144: Haltech E6S Wiring Diagram: Haltech Wiring Diagram, as found in the. Designed as a direct “plug and play” replacement of the OEM ECU, the new Haltech S15 Pro Plug-In requires no re-wiring and uses the car’s factory sensors.

The Haltech S2000 PRO Plugin is a direct replacement of the factory ECU and requires no. Installation Overview Basic Program Set Up Downloads and Wiring Diagram E6K Main Page : Haltech E6K Installation Documentation for the 3S-GTE Engine. Haltech E6K Wiring Diagram: Haltech Wiring Diagram, as found in the back of the Haltech Manual.
HALTECH E6K; For Haltech help visit

Read the manual 4 or 5 times because
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